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High-Performance and Powerful Laptops Under $300

Cheap Laptops Under 300 Dollars

laptop under 300Laptops are more popular than ever before due to their extreme portability and thin designs. There is a high demand for extremely portable laptops ever since smart phones were introduced, which many consumers say is like having a small computer in their pocket.

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Analyze Why Your Computer Keeps Crashing

Help! My Computer Keeps Crashing

Computer Keeps CrashingComputer crashes rarely give the OS a chance to pop-up an exception message. As a result, it can be difficult to understand why your computer keeps crashing. Windows operating system utilities do however provide some insights which can help your analysis of the issue.

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What is a Google Chromebook?

Google Chromebooks - What You Need to Know

Google ChromebookGoogle Chromebooks are basically a lightweight notebook with one major feature, it runs on Google operating system, instead of Windows or Mac OS. This operating system is designed around the Chrome web browser, making the Chromebook experience almost fully web based. The chromebook is cheaper, thinner and has longer batter life as compared to regular notebooks. Chromebook features include cloud hosted applications, documents, 3G in-built Wi-Fi and 8 second boot up.

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