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Interview Basics: Tips For New Job Seekers

Job Interview Tips That Work

InterviewAn interview is essentially a questioning or conversation for the purpose of eliciting information. As a job seeker or candidate it is your job to make a favorable impression. To make positive and favorable impression you need to demonstrate that you posses the knowledge of the organization and all the necessary skills to fit into the organization’s goals and framework.

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3 Tips on Choosing a Career for High School Students

Choosing The Right Career

Choosing CareerWhen I was in high school it seemed as though everyone else knew what they wanted to do in the future apart from me. After a meeting with the school careers advisor, I left feeling as confused about my future as had before the meeting. She recommended software design due my grades but she had only met me for about ten minutes so I thought it was probably best not to put my future in a complete stranger's hands.

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Fulfilling The Dream Of Making Money From Home

Would You Like to Work From Home?

work_at_homeFor most working people, the idea of making money from home seems more like a fantasy than a reality.  Most people are steered towards regular office jobs where financial security is the main reason for staying.  But those who decide to venture on their own often find rewards and successes that far outweigh the uncertainties.  These are some of the ways to gain employment at home.

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Things to Consider Before Becoming a Security Guard

Thinking of Becoming a Security Guard

security guardMaybe you are considering a career as a security guard but you are wondering how much money a security guard makes? Some things to consider would be the amount of your own experience and training that would be a factor in the amount of money for a security guard salary. Similarly critical is the area of the country in which you live. Different places in the country pay different pay scales to individuals working in the security industry.

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The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Pharmacist

Are You Interested in Becoming a Pharmacist?

pharmacistA pharmacist is an integral part of the medical team, and is responsible for dispensing prescription drugs.  Additionally, pharmacists must give appropriate advise to customers and patients who inquire about the uses of prescription and over the counter drugs, and must provide counseling about a drug uses, side-effects, and interactions to patients they fill prescriptions for.  Therefore, a pharmacist must be very knowledgeable on a large scale, and must also have a propensity for the science behind medicine.  If you are interested in pharmacy careers,  you should know that the profession has its advantages and its drawbacks, just as with any other occupation.  These are the pros and cons of becoming a pharmacist.

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