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3 Reasons to Switch to Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat BreadWhole wheat bread has gotten a bad rap.  I don't know how it started, but somehow over the past one hundred years North American families have moved away from eating whole grains towards breads and rolls made from refined or white flour.  However, as more of us become aware of what we are feeding ourselves and our children, there is a resurgence of interest in returning to whole wheat in our baking.  Superior taste, naturally occurring nutrients, and  recently validated health benefits are just three great reasons to switch to whole wheat bread.

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Top Reasons to Snack With Hummus and Quinoa

Why You Also Do

hummus and quinoaWhen people think about snacks, they usually consider different things. One, is it easy and convenient to prepare? Second, is it filling? Fourth, is it tasty? These are the most important characteristics people look for in choosing their snacks. However, another thing that most people fail to recognize when choosing snacks is the nutritional value it contains.

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The Chinese Tea and Its Most Popular Types

Wanna Try Some?

Chinese-TeaIn UK and in the US, it is common to offer a glass of wine to visitors during special events. Liquors and alcoholic beverages are often served to well-to-do individuals and even to commoners. As a matter of fact, China and Japan are probably the only countries in the world that serve tea for important ceremonies and traditional occasions.

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Wine Glass Charms And Tags For Your Stemware

Add Color and Style to your Wine Glass

Wine-Glass-CharmsWine experts advise that you should only get wine glassware with sturdy stems, simple designs and clear glass, but sometimes the lure of those beautiful new styles with coloured glass, painted bowls, and carved stands can be a bit too appealing. You understand that elaborately decorated glasses can keep you from fully enjoying your wine, but it would be nice to have fun with unique glassware so you can express yourself.

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A BBQ Chicken Recipe For Food Lovers!

Try Out This BBQ Chicken Recipe

bbq chicken recipeIngredients:

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