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A Modern Look for Your Master Bedroom

How Modern is Your Bedroom?

modern bedroomAs a first time condo owner, I have to be creative in placing furniture into much smaller places that I'm used to. The real challenge was decorating the master bedroom. It's the main room of the house that attracts the most attention. To really make it glamorous like I wanted, I placed some contemporary items to create the spark. I recommend trying the following five suggestions:

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Top Class Furniture for The Master Bedroom

Higher Priced Master Bedroom Furniture Is Definitely Worth the Cost

Sumatra Storage BedThis post lists three pieces that will improve your bedroom and your lifestyle. They are built by proven manufacturers who have specialized in building the finest bedroom pieces in a variety of styles. These products were recommended to me by my colleague over at Together, we narrowed down our favorite pieces to three that blend well into most bedroom settings. They will enhance the blandest bedrooms with their attractive detailing and high quality materials.

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The Pros and Cons of Fitted Bedroom Cupboards

Fitted Bedroom Cupboards

Fitted Bedroom CupboardsI like having a fitted bedroom, but I'll admit that they have their own pros and cons, especially in contrast to flat-pack furniture. One of the biggest problems with buying fitted bedroom cupboards is their availability and cost. It is easy to find flat packed wardrobes and other bedroom furniture. Because you can even find and buy them online, the cost is low. But finding good fitted wardrobe suppliers is a different matter. Fitted bedroom wardrobes tend to be more expensive and less flexible, so there are fewer customers and fewer companies selling them. Most people also prefer to have them installed professionally, so they are not commonly stocked by online retailers either.

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Upgrading Your Cabinets and Drawers with Smart Storage

Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and DrawersWe store most of our food and kitchen items in our cabinets and in our drawers. Ensuring that we have some organization within both our kitchen cabinets and drawers would certainly add to how efficiently we work in the kitchen. And in this day and age of specialization there are a multitude of storage solutions that you can find for any room of the house, not the least of which is the kitchen. So where does the homeowner start when it comes to kitchen storage?

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What Size is a Folding Card Table?

Folding Card Tables

Folding Card TableThe size of a folding card table does vary, but they are generally smaller than your average dining room table. This is because they are designed for easy storage and to play card & board games on. This article explores the types of folding card tables, their sizes and where to look if you want to purchase one.

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