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Costume Ideas – Being Buzz Lightyear

Want To Be Like Buzz Lightyear?

Buzz LightyearBuzz Lightyear, and Toy Story in general took the world by storm on its release in 1995. He is a great character, an action hero who also happens to be an astronaut; I mean what a great combination!
It's easy to see why the movies were a success, with an all round cast including Tim Allen as Woody and Tom Hanks as Buzz himself. Most kids love the Toy Story movies, and especially Buzz, so wearing a buzz lightyear costume can be a great for Halloween or dress up parties.

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Order Fantastic Halloween Decorations Online

Spice Up Your Halloween Decorations!

halloweenI adore the Halloween holiday and each year I take the time to decorate the front porch for the occasion.  I like to choose kid friendly Halloween decorations that young trick-or-treaters can enjoy as they walk up to the door.  I usually choose fun decorations such as inflatable pumpkins and ghosts and colorful spider webs.  I also decorate with orange and black garland and outdoor Halloween lights.

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Baby Halloween Costumes

Wonderful Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

baby halloweenHalloween is rapidly approaching and for many people all across the globe, this signals the beginning of the search for the most unique and appealing Halloween outfits for their little angels. It seems like each Halloween, toddlers either wear the very first not-so-cool outfit that mommy saw in the boutique or mall, or the super cool outfit in which mommy did not had the chance to wear herself as a kid.

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