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How to Prepare for Retirement

Are You Prepared?

retired coupleRetirement is bound to happen someday, whether you’re looking towards it with anticipation or with trepidation. If you take a look at retirement ages across the globe, most people will have to stop working by the time they’re 65. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to settle down in a rocking chair and wait for the Grim Reaper by the time you’ve reached that magic number – many people continue to live productive and active lives even after easing into retirement. You will however, have to be ready for major changes in your life, whether it’s on a day-to-day level or from a more long-term perspective.

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A Visit to the Funeral Home

Death is Something We Must All Prepare For..

graveyardMary and I set up an appointment to visit a funeral home this morning. We are not sick. Statistically, we have another 15-20 years left to live. We are preparing to die.  This is not a real popular thing to do, but about a third of the people in our age group have done some planning for the inevitable.  This visit was much more relaxed than the last time we went to visit the funeral home after a family member died. We were there to pick out a casket and arrange the funeral.

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Looking For an Online Date? Try

flirt.comThere are lots of dating websites out there for all the single people looking for a date. With such a wide selection to choose from it can sometimes be hard to choose the right one. We're gonna help you with your choice by looking at one of the latest dating websites to the Internet. So is for you? Lets find out!

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Why Search for Work?

employmentThere are certain times in our careers where the writing is simply on the wall. It is important to know when to look for work. The state of the current economy has sent many people into this process. Some of these are individuals who have held positions for a long time. Changes in technology and the economics have caused various companies to end.

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Customer Service Skills | Understanding The Basics

customer serviceVarious opportunities are available in the area of customer relations. People with better customer service skills can work in call centers, business offices and retail stores. The field of customer relations is customer oriented where an individual representative of the company has to manage and handle customer queries and concerns in a friendly way. These positions are designed to deal with customers directly. The job of customer service in a retail setting involves accepting returns and handling customer complaints and grievances. A representative in a call center is trained to provide information about the company’s services and products and answer the customer complaints.

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