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How to Train Your Dog to Love the Clicker

Training Your Dog With a Clicker

clicker trainingBefore you can successfully clicker train your dog, your dog needs to know what the clicker means. A single click signifies that the canine has completed a task or command successfully – but getting your hardworking pooch to understand this connection might take a little bit of time and patient training. Don’t worry, you can train your dog to love the clicker in just a few simple steps!

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Safe and Simple Home Remedies for Fleas

Keep Your Pets and Your Home Pest-Free

Home-Remedies-for-FleasHaving pets is a big responsibility and many pet owners do not realize the challenges they will face if their pet brings home fleas. Cats and dogs can get fleas from going outside or spending time with other pets that have fleas. Once a pet gets fleas and brings them into the house, the pests quickly multiply, biting the pets and people in the home.

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Comfort of Using Wireless Dog Fence

Great Way to Keep Your Doggie Safe

Wireless-Dog-FenceMost houses usually have a non human member in the family, and it is often a doggie friend. Most of us spend large sums of money for the health and hygiene of the dog. And why not, we are also much keen in ensuring the safety of the dog. Wireless dog fence is a new device that came into the market in the recent years which is a circular boundary with a central base system that control the movement of your dog within a boundary using radio waves.

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Heartworm Prevention for Cats

Give Your Pet Protection

Heartworm-Prevention-for-CatsSome people think that heartworms only infest dogs. That is totally not true. The fact is that cats are as prone to heartworms as dogs especially when you are living in an area where there are a lot of mosquitos. And with just one single bite from a mosquito bearing heartworms larvae, these worms could infest the blood stream of your feline pet, and once already mature they could proceed to the lugs and heart causing really adverse effects to the pets’ health, like heart failure and respiratory complications.

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Revolution Heartworm Treatment for Dogs

Protect Your Dog From Heartworm

dogsHeartworm is the worst parasitic infestation your pet can ever have. Among all parasites found in dogs, this is the most fatal one. Cases of such disease are quite few long before. However, as years passed by, the number of dogs infected by the worms has increased. More than 50 states have reported cases of heartworms. This is indeed a condition that is very difficult to control.

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