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How To Save A Broken Marriage After Infidelity

Get Help to Save Your Marriage

save your marriageIf you have found yourself struck by the brutal hand if infidelity, you are probably heart broken. Do not throw the key to your heart away just yet, though. It is too early! You can find help to save a marriage.

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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: Use Expert Advice

Do You Want to Get Your Ex Back?

get your ex backDue to the fact that separations are usually so terribly crippling almost all people say and do things to their own ex girlfriend or boyfriend just after a break-up that actually make things uglier, even though they really want nothing but to get their ex lover to come back again.

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Spouse Cheating? Watch For These Signs

Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

cheating spouseCan't stop thinking your spouse is cheating on you? The signs posted below are the typical behaviors you can expect from a cheating spouse. When monitoring your spouse's actions, don't get carried away and immediately accuse them of cheating on you because you saw one or two signs of a cheating spouse mentioned here. First, you will need proof that can never be denied, if you don't have any solid evidence you will just be playing "he said she said" with your spouse and nothing will change except the fact that they will be more careful the next time they cheat on you. Continue Reading »

Astrology and Compatibility Beyond Sun Signs

Are You Astrologically Compatible With Your Partner?

sun signsAstrological compatibility entails more than just a comparison of sun signs. Many other things determine how two people can work together as a couple. In all there are ten planets, twelve signs, twelve houses and five major aspects to consider. And that is in one person's astrology birth chart alone.

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Recovery After Someone Cheats

Has Someone Cheated on You?

cheating partnerIf you just recently experienced a partner cheating on you, what are some ways you can get over the extreme pain you're feeling now? The first thing is acceptance.  You need to accept that your partner did cheat on you.  If you're still trying to deny that it happened or not acknowledging the pain, it will rear it's ugly head in some other form.

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