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Contract For Wedding Photographers

Know The MUST For The Contract of Wedding Photographers

weddingphotographercontractAs you get ready for all the fun and frolicking that will go on at your wedding there are so many details to nail down.  Don't take the choice of photographer lightly.  Most especially you need to pay attention to the contract you sign with the person who is going to commemorate your most precious memories.

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A Red Wedding Dress?

What Color Is Your Wedding Dress?

red wedding dressThe tradition of wearing virginal white to be married is slowly being pushed aside in favour of colored wedding dresses. Some modern brides are starting to inject a little more personality and a little less tradition into their big day, opting for themed weddings or colored wedding dresses. And red is the color of choice for many of them.

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How Much Should I Expect to Spend on My Honeymoon?

What is Your Honeymoon Budget?

HoneymoonThere is no limit of how much a newlywed couple can spend on their honeymoon. The limit depends on each couple’s set budget. There are those couples who can afford to go for extravagant honeymoons because they can easily afford it. On the other hand, couples who are operating on a limited budget should not spend beyond their means. They should have an affordable honeymoon that will not drain their resources. They should not spend all that they have saved on their honeymoon alone. There are countless honeymoon destinations to fit different pockets, so no matter what budget you are operating on, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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How To Plan The Father Of The Bride Speech

Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

Father Of The Bride SpeechBeing the father of the bride comes with a lot of responsibilities pertaining to the planning of the wedding since you are more than likely are controlling some or all of the finances. One of the duties that you have as the father is to be a wall of support for her to lean on and you must be rock solid. As the leader of the family, you probably have given a lot of thought as to what you're going to say for the father of the bride speech. You've had many years of experience offering solid advice and being supportive of your daughter.  Now you have the opportunity to sum up all the years you've had as a father and a short three minute speech filled with wisdom and emotion.

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Two Fun Ideas To Jazz Up Your Wedding

Planning You Wedding?

weddingThe preparations for a wedding can be a bewildering, panic-inducing process not just only for the bride but for the groom and their families and friends as well. The wedding ceremony itself doesn’t need to be very extravagant; in face, a solemn air is encouraged to promote the sanctity of the occasion.

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