Magnetic Generator Plans

magnetic generator plans

Now Anyone Can Build a Magnetic Generator

If you've got any interest in alternative energy you will have probably heard about magnetic generators. These home generators are capable of powering a whole house and are much more efficient than solar power. At least this is what the "hype" surrounding magnetic generators says but is it true? Can you really produce your electricity for free?

The answer is yes and no. Many people will tell you that a magnetic generator that produces free energy is impossible. That previous statement is entirely true, however the magnetic generator plans that are being sold online show you how to build a magnetic generator that uses a battery. When I say that it uses a battery, the battery is only required to start the machine running, after that it will run almost indefinitely.


Can a Magnetic Generator Really Power Your Whole Home?

Yes, it can, but you would have to build a pretty big one depending on the size of your home. The beauty of the magnetic generator plans is that they let you build a generator as big or as small asĀ  you want. While it's possible to build a magnetic generator big enough to go totally off the grid, you should probably build a smaller one first, before you go full size.


For further reading about the magnetic generator plans click here to check out John Yeger's blog. John is a renewable energy aficionado and provides lots of useful information on his blog. Alternatively click here to purchase your plans from the official website before it gets shut down, which will inevitably happen sooner or later!


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