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Free Magnetic Energy to Power Your Home

alternative energy ideaIt's been all over the news lately about magnetic electric generators and you've probably already heard about them. The buzz surrounding these magnetic generators is pretty understandable really because they can power your whole house, unlike solar power which only provides enough energy to heat your water.

So, just think about that fact for a moment..  A magnetic generator can completely power your house with no need for a standard electricity supply.. It's for that very reason why there will never be any magnetic generators for sale at your local home depot!

Just think it over for a minute. If you could find magnetic generators for sale were available in every DIY store around the world, what would happen. Well, just about everybody would be rushing out and buying one and canceling their regular electricity supply. If everyone had a magnetic generator there would be huge economic problems.

Electrical power is one of the world's biggest industries. Every country has to find ways of producing electricity and then charging people for it. In many countries electricity is government owned as well. If everyone was able to produce their own electricity for free it would trigger a global economic crisis. Economies would collapse and a lot of rich people would lose a lot of money!

You may think it sounds like a conspiracy theory but the reasoning is logical. When you think about it there is no way that the huge global electricity suppliers would let magnetic generators go on sale, they have too much too lose.

When you combine this with the fact that magnetic generators are already in existence and it's a proven fact that they work, why else wouldn't some company start building them and distributing them globally.

the inventors of the magnetic generator

The Magnets4Energy magnetic generator was invented several years ago by two Australian inventors. They tried in vain to  secure some kind of deal where they would be able to start selling them worldwide. Their dream was to see magnetic generators for sale everywhere.. But it never came about.

They found that they blocked at every turn. It must have been frustrating sitting on a potential goldmine only for their dream to be crushed. Thanks to the Internet though they have now become multimillionaires.

They realized that there would never be magnetic generators for sale anywhere. It just couldn't happen. Instead though, they decided to rework their magnetic generator plans so that just about anyone could actually use them to build their own magnetic generator. They then began selling them on the Internet and have made millions from it.

You may never see magnetic generators for sale, but that doesn't mean you can't build your own!

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