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link buildingLink Building Strategies

Search marketing is drastically influenced by link popularity, but with every website presenting a potential link building opportunity, it is crucial you construct an effective link building strategy. The key elements to your link building strategy revolve around the types of sites you want to link to you, how to find these sites and how to get the links.

 Types of websites appropriate for link building must be:

 Relevant to your content - There is no point in sending people to your website who will not be interested in your content once they get there.

 Authoritative  - The more authoritative the linking websites, the more your website will get pulled up towards the top of the search engines results.


 How to find appropriate sites which may link to you

Explore the backlinks of competitors - by using an online tool such as MajesticSEO or OpenSiteExplorer you can input the websites of your competitors or those sites similar to your own and find out exactly which sites are linking to them.

 Do your own research - Search for websites and expert blogs in your industry by typing relevant keywords into Google. Don’t forget to also check websites such as Alexa where you can find top sites in your niche.

 Blogs - there is often a section on each blog that recommends other top blogs, or with links to their ‘blog friends’. Follow these links and see if they match your criteria.

 Families and friends’ blogs - Find out if friends or family members have sites or blogs and ask for them to link to you.


How to go about link building

Guest blogs - Ask influential blogs to your industry if they accept expert blog posts, if accepted it’s more than likely they will allow you to link back to your site.

Comment and leave feedback on blogs and forums - By participating in the conversation people will get to know you, you will connect with others in blogosphere, leave a link to your blog/site on the comments you make and exchange appropriate links.

 Submit content to free article submission websites - Submit articles to such sites as and, among a host of others. You can then leverage on their search engine ranking therefore your article will receive maximum visibility, you just need to concentrate on providing quality and engaging content with the appropriate key words and keyword density. Link all your articles back to your site and you should begin to see a new influx of visitors.

 Ask to swap links - Seek out sites relevant sites with quality, similarly themed content and politely ask if they would be interested in swapping links. This can be achieved through a politely phrased email.

 Video SEO – highly sharable, a video with a link to your site is a great way of getting organic links to your site and, if your lucky, could go viral

 Content Marketing Services – There are some highly valuable companies, such as Ad Rank, who can write and distribute great content with links to your site. This is the best option for people who do not have the time to always be doing it themselves.

 Sponsorships and donations - As a thank you for donating money/time or becoming a sponsor you can get a link back to your site. You can find these link building opportunities by Googling terms such as ‘sponsor ‘or donate now’. You can also provide sponsored content to other websites.

 Directories – for effective link building make sure that you list yourself in directories that are relevant to your site, moderated and well structured - it is often better to stick to industry directories. Obviously those with more authority are the most desirable and ideally you should go for those with a good page rank, domain authority and page authority.


Top tip: Anchor text

In link building, anchor text influences both how the search engine perceives your content, and therefore your page rank for that term. It also effects how many people click on the link. Whilst it is definitely worth having relevant anchor text, ‘click here’ although not good for SEO is good for getting clicks so you may receive more visitors to your site.

 Happy Link building!

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