What You Should Consider When Choosing an Area Rug

Large Area Rugs

large area rugsSelecting area rugs may not be an easy task as people may assume. You don’t want to buy an area rug only to realize it doesn’t make you happy or fulfill your needs. An ideal area rug requires planning and slow selection. Begin by analyzing the room and deciding the parts you want to cover. If it is to cover the entire space, allow equal distance between the walls and the rug. Even if you are trying to cover a very large space you'll be able to find many kinds of large area rugs that will do the job.

Your rug should add structure and define space in the room. In this case, you do not need to worry if part of the rug is covered by furniture in the room as you would if the rug is to cover parts of the surface.
Another consideration to take note of is the room’s color schemes.

The color of an area rug has an effect of making the room look bigger or smaller. If you are hoping to make the room appear smaller than it is, use dark colors while light colors are used to make rooms look bigger. Wall and furniture colors also have effects on the size of the room. A final consideration is the effort required to keep the rug clean and looking new. While some rugs may take a decade to show signs of aging, others wear out after a year of use. However, all types can last longer when taken care of well.

Some rugs require more attention while others may only need periodical vacuuming like wool rugs. Cheap rugs fall in the first category as they need extra care. To keep a rug looking clean and new, you should acquire a good vacuum. Another accessory is the dry rug/carpet cleaner which is essential for removing organic stains. A simple procedure like taking the rug outside for shaking also works at keeping the rug clean and dust free. While buying a vacuum check if the machine has the approval sign to ensure you buy an authentic machine that meets all standards required for a good vacuum.

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