3 Tips on Choosing a Career for High School Students

Choosing The Right Career

Choosing CareerWhen I was in high school it seemed as though everyone else knew what they wanted to do in the future apart from me. After a meeting with the school careers advisor, I left feeling as confused about my future as had before the meeting. She recommended software design due my grades but she had only met me for about ten minutes so I thought it was probably best not to put my future in a complete stranger’s hands.

I decided the best thing to do was to devise my own system for choosing my college course with my own criteria. Here are some questions to ask yourself which will help you to find your perfect career:

1. What Is Your Passion? – Your passion is something that you enjoy. For example, you may enjoy drawing, playing sports or cooking.  If you have a passion for something, you can match it with a job and you can be sure that you will enjoy it as a career. For example, someone who has a passion for reading, may decide to be a screenplay writer.


2. What Would You Do For Free? – It’s important to choose a career that you will enjoy and the best way to find this out is to ask yourself what you do for free. If you were not going to be paid for a job, what would you do? Some examples may be play videos (video games tester), eat junk food (become a chef) or go shopping (personal shopper). Think about tasks that you enjoy doing in every day life and then match those skills to real world jobs.

3. What Are You Good At? – Most people at 16-17usually have an aptitude for something. This could be anything. For example I was good at art and found myself to have a skill for creativity. There are many well paid jobs that require creativity such as web design, interior design and architecture.

Your aptitude does not have to be a school subject; it can be a skill such as hand eye co-ordination (surgeon) or something less obvious like being good with numbers (accountant).


Asking yourself these three simple questions should give you a list of careers of interest. Look into each item on your career list and decide which one would be most suitable. For example, if you were interested in becoming a physical therapist, you could look up details on physical therapist careers and then apply for a prospectus from physical therapy schools which will give you more information on the grades are required for the course.

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