4 Top Romantic Fragrances For Women

The Most Popular Fragrances For Women

Faith Hill PerfumeThe sense of smell has been linked to various psychological process, including invoking emotions and triggering memories of various life events. Throughout the history of man, fragrance has been used for beauty, romance and religious rituals. The immense popularity of Aromatherapy illustrates how our sense of smell can be a powerful healing element.

The perfume industry is one of the biggest sectors in the beauty market and for many good reasons. Perfume is truly a magical and mystical potion that has the power to invoke various moods and emotions as well as the enchanting ability to smell very differently from woman to woman. In fact, perfume shopping guides recommend that you always try a fragrance directly on the skin before you buy it because it can smell quite differently once it interacts with your own chemistry as it does in the bottle. A woman’s perfume can identify her, reveal her and allow her to linger in a room long after she has left.

There are several families of perfume, including, florals, the fresh family, citrus, musks, spicy and floral Orientals and the woods family. Within those families are various scents, and different brands of fragrance that combine the various ingredients to yield a final product. Sometimes there is overlap in ingredients from family to family used to create particular scents. And, within those families you will find various types of perfume, the florals, the musks, the fruity scents and the romantic ones.

A fine romantic fragrance usually has rich notes and some floral influences, as well as some of the ingredients usually used for the spicy Orientals. The romantic scents will never go out of style and a favorite among women of all ages. The musks are a trend that has been carried over from Europe and lead to the exploration of using spices in fragrance, which provides a distinct smell that is powerful, sexy and ultra sultry, like Red by Estee Lauder which uses cinnamon for the top notes.

4 Top Romantic Fragrances
Some of the top romantic fragrances on the market are, Reveal by Halle Berry, True by Faith Hill,  Lovely by Jessica Parker, all following a big trend in the growing popularity of celebrity perfumes, and Tresor by Lancome.

Tresor By Lancome
This is one of the top selling perfumes on the market. It includes strong floral top notes, including, roses and lily of the valley with the sweetness of Apricots mixed in. The middle notes consists of Lilac, peach and Iris and the base notes of the fragrance are Vanilla, musk and Amber. Tresor is very rich, sweet and sultry and is the perfect choice for a romantic evening.

Reveal By Halle Berry
Another favorite for romance is the new celebrity scent by Halle Berry called Reveal. With a perfect blend of red berries, juicy peach, mimosa, honeydew melon, Plumeria flower, Iris blossom, neroli petals, and other ingredients that yields a very woodsy rich and sexy scent.

True by Faith Hill
Another romantic perfume that is light enough for everyday use is Faith Hill’s True. Made of Japanese yuzu, sheer mimosa, white lily, gardenia and base features of musk and woods, this perfume is great for the warmer days.

Lovely By Sarah Jessica Parker
Lastly, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is a mixture of nectarine, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, orchid and other floral scents with the important ingredient of musk. A favorite of the younger generation of women Lovely manages to yield the perfect blend of romantic and playful.

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