A Little About Pearl Engagement Rings

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pearl-engagement-ringsPearl is not a typical and priority choice to be used as engagement rings. Despite its rarity as an option, pearl engagement rings are lovely, classy and an elegant alternative to give your partner-to-be who wants a ring that is unique and everlasting.

Pearls are made from oysters and mussels. When an unfamiliar object, such as pebbles, grains of sand, enter these shells, they cover them with a protective, transparent crystalline coating called nacre. This is actually the same substance that lines the shell with an opalescent sheen inside.

Although pearls are commonly less expensive than that of your diamonds since the quality of cultured pearls are more or less like that of natural gems, pearl engagement rings may happen to be more expensive as compared to the traditional diamond rings. A high quality engagement ring made of one or two pearls, mounted in yellow or white gold, with or without diamonds, may cost the same as a small size diamond ring.

However, prices for this kind of ring differ depending upon the quality of the pearl used, the style and design of the jewelry, the metal used and customization. It is indeed reasonable for engagement rings made from pearl to be more expensive for the fact that it more durable in nature, very difficult to find, and these pearls may accentuate other gems, such as diamonds. It is rather preferable to have engagement rings made from pearls with little gems of diamonds, for this tends to create a traditional and incredible sparkle.

Women prefer diamonds as accessories for their wedding day, and a pearl ring may be just as awesome to go together with the white bridal gowns and dresses. Show your very beautiful bride-to-be how much you love her by giving her a pearl ring in your engagement. You’ll see her big smile and pretty eyes sparkle more than that of the engagement ring.

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