A Modern Look for Your Master Bedroom

How Modern is Your Bedroom?

modern bedroomAs a first time condo owner, I have to be creative in placing furniture into much smaller places that I’m used to. The real challenge was decorating the master bedroom. It’s the main room of the house that attracts the most attention. To really make it glamorous like I wanted, I placed some contemporary items to create the spark. I recommend trying the following five suggestions:

Create a fuller bed with pillows: When a guest enters a master bedroom, the eyes immediately focus on the bed. Pillows can enhance the look by adding size, color and structure to the bed. Try a color combination of decorative accent pillows and play with designs. Your bedroom can look symmetrical, but a mix of shapes and sizes keep it from looking too plain. Plus you can really play with some complimentary colors and textures with your accent pillows.

The end can be a good thing: Placing a bench or a storage chest at the end of the bed can magnify the look of the bed by making it appear longer. They also take less space than a vanity set or arm chair. Keep it simple though by following the flow of the room to keep it from looking too busy.  An added feature of having a bench at the end of the bed is being able to sit on it to take your shoes off at the end of the day.

Add a customary lamp: Find a lamp that complements the look of your furniture. If most of your furniture is antique, try a vintage lamp. If it’s more modern, look for something more contemporary. Lamps should enrich the patterns of the place instead of transforming it.

Think mirror, instead of paintings: Restaurants sometimes add mirrors to illustrate an effect of a bigger space. This can also work on your master bedroom. Instead of placing paintings into the walls, add a mirror instead. Also pay close attention to the frame of the mirror. The frame should match the overall style of the bedroom and the right one can add a touch of timeless beauty.

Rugs can be your friend: The great thing about rugs is that they look good on wood, tiles and even carpet. A rug can add formality to your bedroom without making it look over thought. It can also maximize the corners of the room and create a stylish vibe to the setting. I have added a rug to my master bedroom placing part of it underneath my bed, it sort of adds another layer to my interior decor of my bedroom.

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