A Red Wedding Dress?

What Color Is Your Wedding Dress?

red wedding dressThe tradition of wearing virginal white to be married is slowly being pushed aside in favour of colored wedding dresses. Some modern brides are starting to inject a little more personality and a little less tradition into their big day, opting for themed weddings or colored wedding dresses. And red is the color of choice for many of them.

If you discard the idea that a white dress is a wedding essential a whole new colourful world of choice opens up. Black, green and blue are all growing in popularity and even camo wedding dresses have become available (and can be surprisingly beautiful!). All are options worth considering, but a vibrant red stands out above them all.

A red wedding dress says ‘bold’ and ‘confident’ and demands attention. It’s the color of passionate love and desire. A bride in red is an independent woman who is not afraid to be different, not a sweet and innocent princess handed from father to husband. It’s brave and beautiful and very memorable. So why not make sure your wedding really is a day to remember with a red wedding dress?

Buying a red wedding dress might not be a straightforward as choosing a white one but there are an increasing number of choices available. Deep maroon, bright poppy and classy red and ivory wedding dresses can be found in a range of styles in bridal collections online, the perfect place to start browsing.

Cheaper options can be chosen from among prom and ballroom dresses (it’s surprising how the price comes down once the ‘wedding dress’ tag is removed!). Shop around and you’re sure to find a red wedding dress that suits you, and that will always be remembered as bold, beautiful and brilliant by those who see you wearing it on your big day.

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