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Laser Printers

laser printerThe popularity of personal computers in the decades that followed the trials of laser printer in the mid 70’s inspired manufacturers to come up with simple versions for the public market. The first model was produced by IBM and it was used for commercial purposes. In 1981 Xerox launched its first laser printer which was very expensive. The original model was costly during its formative years but increased production and supply has brought down the price of modern versions to as low as $80. Regardless of this drastic fall in prices, the current model is far superior to the earlier classic model which was heavy and produced poor graphics.

A key characteristic of the laser printer is that it produces high quality and faster prints unlike the standard printers. The functioning of this printer is quite complex and few people understand the mechanism of this printer. This type of printer uses a revolving cylinder which is made from a photo conductive material. It uses image processing to develop fine prints. When drum revolves and laser is directed at it, it draws the elements which are printed as electro static image on the printing paper. The core parts in this printer are fuser, developer roller, laser scanning unit, corona wire, photoreceptor drum assembly, and tone hopper.

The modern laser printer has advanced features and it combines a copier, a scanner, and fax which can be networked for an open office department. This combination is ideal for someone who wants to get two or more tasks done almost simultaneously. It also has high speed copying and printing and users can handle it with ease unlike its predecessors. It comes in black and color. The later is more popular because it offers better graphics and quality documents.

A typical multifunctional modern laser printer may retail for $700 but the standard type may retail for as little as $200. The printing volume and resolution of a particular type varies with the maker. This also applies to the general cost of printing documents per month. The speed varies depending on the amount of graphics involved in printing. Each model comes with a warranty which can range from 3-5 years.

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