Amazon Kindle 4

The Much Awaited Release of Kindle 4

Amazon Kindle 4 ColorIf you don’t have any idea what a Kindle is, you must have been from a very isolated place on earth. Kindle is an electronic book reader created by Amazon. Its size is comparable to that of an ordinary book, and it is as thin as a pen. The reason for its huge success is attributed to the fact that more and more people are now enjoying reading eBooks. With a handy and well designed eBook reader, there is just no reason for you to miss your favorite novel or Harry Potter series. And with the much anticipated Kindle 4 release date, eBook lovers can hardly wait to see what this new version has to offer.

The current version of Kindle, which is Kindle 3, has become incredibly popular, which gives observers more than enough reasons to believe that Amazon kindle 4 is guaranteed to be an instant hit as well. Users of the present Kindle model are so curious about what changes are going to be made in this eBook reader. Nobody knows for sure, but it’s almost certain that the new Kindle will be a full color version and will come with even more advanced features.

When Kindle 3 was first released, there were a lot of criticisms as to how well it was going to sell and how people are going to appreciate it. EBooks have always been popular, but reading them was limited to using the computer. But after the introduction of Kindle eBook reader, consumers got very excited and amazed with its features as well as the convenience that it provided them with.

Amazon Kindle 3 users often praise how useful this gadget is. If you love reading and you even spend sleepless nights trying to finish reading a particular novel that you love, then you would agree that reading a good book is essential when you are trying to relax. It is very common to see people on the beach just relaxing while reading a book. And with the help of an eBook reader, relaxation can never get better.

Kindle 4 is expected to surpass any achievement that Kindle 3 had. The basic feature that consumers are looking forward to is the color feature. The accessories that you use for Kindle 3 may also be used for the upcoming version. But when it comes to the protective cover, you definitely have to get one for the latest model, if you are planning to purchase one. This will make sure that your eBook reader is always in perfect condition.

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