Applying A Concrete Floor Sealer

Protect Your Concrete Floor

concrete floorThe weather is finally beginning to break in to a lot of areas in the country today. So it is time to start making plans to work on projects around the home. One factor that you may not have thought of, but you would surely be happy about this next winter, is the application of a concrete floor sealer. This can become a very difficult project if done in the middle of winter season but if done during warmer weather it becomes more feasible and easier.

If you are parking your car inside your garage, I bet you have also encountered the problem of snow melt and rain water that is dripping onto the concrete surface that makes it dangerously slippery. A lot of accidents happen each year when people attempt to step out of their car and their feet slip out from beneath them. Most of the time, this can cause a head injury if the person hits the door way of the vehicle or falls completely on to the hard surface and hits his head.

This is a home project that you will be happy about and this can be easily done in two half days of your weekend. The first day is focused on floor cleaning. This step is properly done by sweeping, washing with soap and water and using a degreaser if necessary. If you start this step in the morning, you will have a lot of time in the afternoon to do more projects or you can take the time off by lying on your hammock, whichever way you want to spend your time.

The following half day is focused on the application of the floor sealant. Basically, this is an epoxy coating with two parts that is rolled out like paint. Once the area is coated, you just have to spread out a nonslip agent. Usually, this is a grit or flake material.

That’s all of it. You can start walking on the floor after 18 hours and you can drive your car on it again after three days. The following winter you won’t have to worry about accidents where you slip and hit your head or break your arm.

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