Are Car Power Inverters Obsolete?

Car Power Inverters

Car Power InverterRecently, I was admiring the electrical outlets in a pickup truck bed that was parked in a local parking lot. Having electrical outlets rather than cigarette lighter outlets makes more sense because you will not need a power inverter. Are car power inverters going to be obsolete in the future? Possibly, but not for a long time because the cost of installing  power receptacles will cost automobile manufacturers too much to make them practical.

Do You Need A Power Converter?
If you do a thought of traveling and use multiple electronic devices, then a power inverter will offer you many benefits for plugging in your cell phone, digital camera, DVD player, etc. It’s been years since I’ve purchased a cell phone charger because I carry a power inverter in my vehicle at all times and this is where I plug in my cell phone and iPod. It has become part of my winter car emergency kit. I find the power inverter so useful, that I also zipped tied one to the dog barrier in the back of my Subaru station wagon.

What Is The Maximum Power Wattage That A Vehicle Can Use?
A typical car will supply a maximum of 700 W from the alternator. If you need more than 300 W of peak power, then you will either need to hard-wire an inverter to your battery, or purchase a generator that will be more suited to your high power consumption needs.

Automobile Power Inverter Reviews
The number one selling power inverter on Amazon is the Wagan EL2402 200 W power inverter. This model has just about everything that most consumers will need such as two outlets and including a popular USB port that can be used to charge iPods, iPhone’s, and other electronic devices that the use of USB ports. For more car power inverter reviews, go directly to Amazon and read the hundreds of reviews on power inverters. Most are very similar in one will be as good as the other. Stay away from the models that will tell you that it will supply up to 3000 W of peak power. Because if you believe this, I would start looking for the tooth fairy or Santa Claus.  You really don’t want to go over 300 W or you’ll end up blowing out fuses or worse, damaging the electrical system of your vehicle areas.

Get yourself a few power inverters for both emergency and daily use.  Once you start using one, it will be party of your vehicle equipment list that you cannot travel without.  I look forward to the day when cars come equipped with power outlets for each passenger.  It’s not that far off.

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