Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Levels

Artificial Sweeteners – Good or Bad?

artificial sweetenerWhen people have high blood glucose levels or are suffering from pre-diabetes or diabetes, the usual reaction is to avoid table sugar and all that is sweet. However, it is their intake of too much carbohydrate in their diet that increases their sugar levels. Although they can take sugar in simpler forms such fructose (fruit sugar) and galactose (sugar in honey), it is best to avoid substituting foods such as sweets for healthy foods. It is also good to monitor how much carbohydrate is taken as they eat. Though, these artificial sweeteners do not provide any carbohydrate or calories per serving, care must be observed when using them as substitutes for table sugar.

Saccharin is a brown sugar substitute. It is stable for baking purposes but it has some aftertaste when used in large portions. Aspartame may have minimal aftertaste but it becomes unstable under high temperature. Acesulfame potassium is a lot more stable and with less aftertaste but a little difficult to procure. Sucralose may have some chemical changes and may add calories. Stevia is considered with zero calories and used in some cola beverages. Though most of these are used in the production of artificial sweeteners and are tested through the years, it is still advisable to take them in moderation and with care because they may contain chemicals that may have side effects and may be toxic for the body in the long run.

There may be several health problems that can be associated with artificial sweeteners especially those who are suffering from high blood glucose levels like diabetic patients. Artificial sweeteners may lessen the ability of the body to regulate glucose levels and may be related to some other diseases as well like cancer. It may also contribute to depression and some types of dementia. It is better to adjust your taste buds to the natural sweetness of natural food. In the end, the best for everybody to maintain normal blood glucose levels is to eat sweet, natural and healthy food.

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