Astrology and Compatibility Beyond Sun Signs

Are You Astrologically Compatible With Your Partner?

sun signsAstrological compatibility entails more than just a comparison of sun signs. Many other things determine how two people can work together as a couple. In all there are ten planets, twelve signs, twelve houses and five major aspects to consider. And that is in one person’s astrology birth chart alone.

Among the most important considerations in astrology and compatibility are the moon and the ascendant or rising sign. Next to the sun sign, the signs of the moon and ascendant are most important to today’s astrologers.

If the sun makes a round trip through the twelve signs of the zodiac every twelve months or one year, the moon does so every four weeks, or one month. Thus people born in the month of say, Aries, all share the sun sign Aries, but they may have different moon signs. The moon changes signs about every two and a half days.

The ascendant is not a heavenly body that orbits the zodiac. Rather it is a point in the horoscope. It marks the degree in the chart that corresponds to the eastern horizon. Which sign is on the ascendant depends on a person’s sun sign and birth details.

You can think of the sun sign as the active part of the human being. It shows what your ambitions and aspirations are. When you feel strong and self-confident, living your dreams so to speak, you are usually expressing the urges of your sun sign. This is why the sun sign is important in horoscope and compatibility readings. When two people have compatible sun signs, they hope and live for similar things.

The moon sign is like the passive part of the human being. It governs your subconscious. When you are more subjective, vulnerable and emotional, it is usually the moon. Obviously, our feelings play a big part in our relationships. When two persons have compatible moon signs, they can more easily relate to each other and be more caring toward each other.

The ascendant is the body,  manners, outer personality and other things. You can think of it as the glue that holds the sun and moon together. It is especially predominant when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, in public and with people you are not close to. But even in private life the ascendant is always evident. It is a major factor in astrological compatibility because it defines one’s approach to life and relationships.

Together the sun, moon and ascendant form a kind of trinity of the personality. To find out your moon sign and ascendant sign, as well as the rest of your birth chart details, you will need to calculate your chart on your own or have an astrologer do it for you.

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