Auto Towing And Rental Car Coverage Explained

What You Need to Know About Auto Towing And Rental Car Coverage

Auto Towing And Rental Car CoverageOne of the most common complaints after a car accident has occurred has to do with auto towing and rental car coverage. These two coverage options are not fully understood by most drivers. In order to not be in the same boat as many who think they have rental car coverage but don’t, educating yourself on when you can and cannot have these coverage options is essential.

Auto Towing

One of the most standard options that come with auto insurance today is auto towing. Auto towing is only available for those who purchase full coverage insurance. If someone has auto liability only insurance, towing is typically not offered. The reason towing is not offered to people with auto liability only insurance is because towing has historically been used by insurance companies so vehicles are not left alongside a road where they are vulnerable to collision and other different types of accidents. If a vehicle doesn’t have collision or other than collision coverage, the insurance company doesn’t really care what happens to the vehicle alongside the road, since the insurance company isn’t covering the vehicle anyway.

Rental Car

Rental car coverage is also provided for all those who have full coverage insurance. Rental car coverage was designed to help the insured get around while his or her vehicle is undrivable or in the shop due to an accident. It is not designed to help someone who’s car is in the shop due to maintenance or repairs. Rental car coverage is something that, like auto towing, is beginning to come standard with all auto insurance full coverage insurance policies. Affordable auto insurance is definitely still attainable with rental car coverage because it typically only cost a few dollars a month to keep it on the policy.

Additional Services

In addition to auto towing and rental car coverage, most companies now offer special packages that include not only auto towing and rental car coverage, but also services that will help out if you lock your keys in your car or run out of gas on the road. These roadside packages are being rolled out by many companies and are typically just as inexpensive as the more limited options listed above. Again, most companies are not allowing this service if you have auto liability only insurance, but if you have few-to-no violations on your record, then affordable auto insurance should be easy to find with full coverage. That way, you can take advantage of all types of coverage that are offered.

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