Automatic Back Up: How An External Hard Drive Can Easily Protect Your Computer

Do You Backup Your Computer Regularly?

external driveAnti-virus software is essential to protect your computer from viruses and various security threats. Maybe you have anti-virus software installed, or maybe you don’t want to spend money for anti-virus software and don’t know about the many free anti-virus programs. Maybe you are just choosing to go without it because you think you know how to avoid a virus when you see something fishy on the web. The reality is, you never know when your computer will become infected with a virus no matter how confident you are at thinking you can avoid one. Hackers today are smarter than ever, and can gain full access to your computer if you don’t have any kind of security software installed, and even if you do, there is still a risk.

There is no guaranteed way to protect your computer; however, there is a guaranteed way of protecting your files and making sure you will never lose them. Many people don’t want to be bothered with backing up their files, but they don’t realize just how easy it is to setup an automatic backup feature. An automatic backup feature is a “set it, and forget it” kind of deal. You just tell it when to backup your files, where to back them up, and what files are going to be backed up. Many security programs like Norton 360, and the latest Windows operating system, Windows 7, come with an easy to use automatic backup feature.

An external hard drive is currently the most popular method of backing up files, followed closely by the internet. There are many sites that allow you to create an online storage center, allowing you to backup all your files directly to the internet. However, space is limited, and with external hard drives you can have terabytes and terabytes of space. Backing up your files to a 2tb external hard drive provides you with more than enough space to backup your entire computer and are generally very affordable. Fix my computer – If your computer becomes infected with a virus and stops working, you may have to completely restore your computer and your files as a virus can completely slow down your computer a

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