Baby Halloween Costumes

Wonderful Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes

baby halloweenHalloween is rapidly approaching and for many people all across the globe, this signals the beginning of the search for the most unique and appealing Halloween outfits for their little angels. It seems like each Halloween, toddlers either wear the very first not-so-cool outfit that mommy saw in the boutique or mall, or the super cool outfit in which mommy did not had the chance to wear herself as a kid.

But then again, enough of all these other stuffs and it is time to focus on the following newborn Halloween outfits, which are surely going to make head’s turn, yet is still comfortable for your sweet angel to wear!

Newborn Halloween Costumes 2011

1.) Pea Pod – This Halloween outfit is very appropriate for newborns because they love being wrapped and cuddled. This not only offers a very stylish look, but more importantly, it satisfies your baby’s need for bonding.

2.) The Caterpillar – If it happens that your toddler is already four months old and is capable of holding/keeping their head up, then this is an excellent opportunity to introduce the child to outfits which goes together with head gears or accessories like headbands with pointy antennas – pretty neat, right?

3.) The Rabbit – A bunny rabbit always appears cuddly and very cute, so just imagine how much more adorable your toddler will look dressing up as one for Halloween! This outfit is ideal for babies six to seven months old since at this time, they are normally able to crawl and switch from prone to supine (and vice versa) position.

4.) Disney Princess or Superhero – Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, or Superman, Batman, Thor Halloween costume, etc. are excellent outfit ideas for young children ages one year old and up. Just make it a point to keep a close watch on your tiny superhero because they might believe that the outfit will grant them the capability to fly or become invincible!

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