Be Aggressive When Searching For High School Internships

Looking for a High School Internship?

highschool internshipHigh School students are a segment of the population that really have it rough right now in their search for internships and jobs. Because of the economy, high school students are now competing with just about everyone in trying to find a decent job that pays a decent salary.

Traditionally, students were mainly focused on summer internships. That’s not the case anymore. There are a lot of high school students seeking full time employment in addition to trying to complete high school. Internships for high school students are available but a student must be aggressive in their search habits and techniques.

There are many unpaid internships available to students, but let’s be honest. That’s ridiculous. I consider any company using the labor of students in an unpaid internship as totally dishonest and not a company to work for. An honest and decent company will never try to make a profit off the back of high school students giving free labor. Stay away is my advice. Learn a skill and learn about a company while being paid for your work.

One of the main searches that I recommend for students is through social media. A student should use Twitter and Facebook to network in their local community. The students that employ this tactic will be far ahead of the other students in looking for jobs. Remember, those other students are your competitors. You must be creative and use different methods that will most likely produce job interviews in order to land your scholarship.

As far as an internship salary goes, do not expect to earn a high wage. You may be earning just around minimum wage. You will not find a lot of employers willing to pay high wages to part time student interns. Money is a consideration but ultimately a student is also working to gain work experience before entering the work force.

There are a lot of jobs and opportunities out there, a student just has to keep searching and not be discouraged. I have even recommended that a student produce a video resume and post it online to YouTube and other sites. If they do that, ask their friends to send the link to everyone they know. You will be surprised at what a video can do in your job search. It shows a prospective employer that you have ambition and are willing to go beyond the normal in order to secure your job.

My advice is summarized like this. Think outside the box. Be creative. Exploit all areas of social media to get your message across. Network like crazy with family and friends. Ask them to send links of your social media profiles and consider making a video where you are asking an employer for an internship. Sometimes when you ask directly, you will get that job. Don’t be afraid.

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