Be Careful When Looking for Portable Gas Heaters for Sale

Portable Gas Heater Safety Tips

portable gas heaterWhen you are planning a camping trip for the weekend, it might be tempting to take a look on the internet or in the local newspaper classified ads for portable gas heaters for sale. This is okay to do, but it is important that you know exactly what you’re doing. The internet is safe as long as you are buying them brand new, but if you are going to places like eBay or Craigslist, be careful.

The reason you need to watch out when buying a used portable heater is because you simply cannot know if the previous owner used the heater properly. Improper use can lead to problems that might go undetected when you are inspecting the unit. And later when you are using it, it could have problems that put you, your family, and your friends in danger. A small hole in one of the gas lines could easily do this, and that is something that could be very difficult to detect.

When buying brand new, you have the assurance that it has never been misused. You also get the operators manual so you have precise instructions on the safe use of the heater.

If you do buy a used one, there is one safety tip that should be obvious but that many people don’t know: never ever use it indoors! The heater will emit fumes that can be fatal to anybody that breathes them, and for this reason they should only be used outdoors. If you absolutely need cheap heating inside of your home, purchase a couple of efficient electric baseboard heaters to do the trick. They are safe and can be installed relatively easily even if you’re not an electrician.

So, for the utmost in safety, you will want to always purchase portable heaters from a reliable reseller and not a private party. Most outdoor stores carry them right in your hometown, but respectable online retailers are good too.

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