Benefits of Using Anti Fatigue Mat

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Anti Fatigue MatAnti fatigue mats are beneficial for workers who need to be standing all the time. Many workers suffer from foot problems due to this. The type of flooring used may not be very effective in preventing such types of problems especially, if they are concrete floors. Such floors are neither shock absorbents nor provide resistance which makes people prone to different kinds of injuries. An ergonomic anti fatigue mat provides various benefits for people working in such conditions.

Injuries like slips and fall are common if there are liquid spills. Such injuries can often cause strain in the muscles or even broken bones. Use of these mats can prevent such accidents and prevent these types of injuries also.

Concrete floors are not efficient shock absorbers. So if any item is dropped on the floor it breaks immediately. In places like laboratories where the workers are dealing with chemicals and other substances breakage of items can lead to spills of hazardous chemicals. The mats prevent such occurrences because they have shock and sound absorbing properties.

Use of these anti fatigue rubber mats can reduce back pain and stress. People who require standing and working for long hours experience pain in the knees and lower back etc. The stress slowly spreads to the neck and shoulders also. Standing for long can also affect the spine compression leading to back pain. This can be reduced considerably by using the anti fatigue mat.

Blood flow to the lower parts of the body can be reduced if a person keeps standing for a long time. This increases fatigue and muscle wear. Blood accumulates in the lower legs and leads to varicose veins. Constant pressure on the feet can also lead to joint degeneration and bone misalignment. The padding effect of the mat reduces the pressure and lessens the fatigue and other injuries due to stress.

By installing these mats at the work stations, the possible injuries can be reduced to a great extent. The workers will be healthier which means increase in productivity too. You can also get customizable mats to suit any location.

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