Black Plastic Chandelier Models and Prices

Know Your Options and Choose the Best

Black-Plastic-ChandelierBlack chandelier brings a charm to any decor of the room especially when you choose the right one among the hundreds of styles and materials that are offered. The black lighting can be made of wrought iron, which would be ideal for a conventional look; it can be made of oil rubbed bronze, glass, crystal, or plastic. If you do not mind the cost, you may pick a grand crystal chandelier while if your budget it tight, yet you want to have a chic look to your room, a black plastic chandelier or plastic chandelier of any suitable color would be ideal.

Let us take a look at the price of the black chandelier with acrylic beads and other models.

The Tadpoles 3-Bulb Chandelier in Black Onyx would cost you $60.00.

The SAA chandelier with black acrylic beads is a black chandelier of hanging fixture made of iron and acrylic beads hanging form it; a very cute design for a medium sized room. It costs you only $10.00 to $25.00 depending on the size.

The Modern Chandelier model that is made of metal and plastic is a very stylish design to fit into t a contemporary room. The cost ranges from $80.00 to $90.00.

Chandelier, For 4+8 Light is a two layered black plastic chandelier with 4 lights in the first layer and 8 lights in the second layer, which must be sufficient for a large foyer. It has a classy look and is of high quality.

The current fast moving product is the 2011 Hot Selling Modern Acrylic Chandelier with 6 lights made of crystal with plastic beads cutely hanging from the lights. It is available in shades of black, chrome, and white. The cost is $10.00 – $15.00.

The Chandelier, Pendant, Modern Chandelier NC82005P-6 is a very stylish black plastic chandelier that has acrylic chain with black shade and chrome finish. It is made of iron and has a wide price range of $1.00 to $100.00 based on the designs and size. Here, the shades of the lights are painted in various designs to give a very attractive look.

Many more options are available and it would at times test your patience while choosing the apt one for your home decor.

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