Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Breast Surgery – Things to Consider

breast surgerySome breast symmetry in one or both breast is normal. Asymmetry can be the result of natural development which includes the normal changes that happens in a person’s body due to pubescent growth. Sometimes the cause may be due to pregnancy, lactation and weight changes. The other cause of breast symmetry may be brought on because of external factors such as disease, trauma or surgery. Beginning from puberty until the adolescent years the female breast develops increasing in size and projection which changes its form. Volume differences are very common which are commonly connected to the nipple position.

When the nipple position falls below its ideal location the breast is said to be ptotic. During pregnancy and weight changes there is a substantial increase in the breast size. This is because of the development of the glands that produce milk. It is true that the increase in size can increase the fat component of the breast as weight is gained in pregnancy. The breast shrinks in size after the woman has given birth. The pre-pregnancy breast volume is somewhat smaller than the post pregnancy one.

The method to be use for breast augmentation depends on the causes of breast asymmetry. The most common benefits of breast asymmetry surgery are an improved in balance in the breast size and shape, easily finding clothing that fits evenly in the chest especially when it comes to bra and an improved self esteem. Breast augmentation is a procedure where the surgeon makes an incision either under the armpit, crease under the breast, around the areola or through the navel. The surgeon then lifts the breast tissue to create a pocket in the chest area either below or above the muscle to place the implant inside the pocket.  The breast augmentation recovery depends on whether it was performed by a highly skilled surgeon. The cosmetic surgery prices for breast augmentation range from $3,250 and above.

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