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Everyone Loves Orchids!

pink orchidOrchids are a truly beautiful thing and one of the most impressive flowers you can grow in your home. There is a huge variation in the different orchid types available on the market and by choosing a plant that is well suited to your environment your chances of success will increase. Orchids may not be the most difficult flowers to take care of, but they do need a little extra attention, when compared to many other plants you grow.

Orchids come in an amazing variety of species, each with its own unique shape, coloring and specific needs. Orchids in general need to have the correct conditions to thrive. Temperature light and humidity are the three major factors you need to control. It can help if you decide where you think you will place the orchids before you actually buy them, for example in a conservatory or on a window sill. This can help you choose the best plant for your circumstances. Unless you have experience with orchids you should seek some simple advice before buying.

The single most important thing you can do is to choose the best plant for your conditions, right at the start. The reason so many people fail with orchid growing is that they just go and buy a random orchid that they like the look of, without considering what conditions the variety needs to thrive. A little research can go a long way to your success. Ideally you should choose a type that suits the conditions you can easily provide at home. By doing this you can make caring for orchids easy and ensure your success.

It really is a pity that so many people get this part wrong at the start. They fail, the orchid dies and they do not try orchids again believing them to be difficult to grow. It can all be so different by doing a little reading and taking some advice about the right orchid for YOU.

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