Camping – An Affordable Family Vacation

Take Your Family Camping!

family campingCamping is a great alternative to going on a traditional family vacation this summer.  As gas prices soar prices on almost everything goes up making vacations much harder to afford.  Camping is one way to fight the increase in prices since most of us live near a campground or two.   Once you have the proper equipment you can keep camping on the weekends or go for week long trips, whatever fits into your schedule.

The most important thing you need to bring with you camping is your camping tent.  There are plenty of stores that sell tents cheap but in order to get a tent that is going to last beyond that first camping trip you need to make sure the one you purchase is equipped to handle the weather and is big enough for you.

Most of us only camp during mild weather, but it is not unheard of for unexpected storms to arise, when they do you will want to know your tent is going to do the job.  Many tents come with a rain fly.  The fly will cover the entire top portion of your tent and the top of the walls of the tent as well.  Its main job is to take the brunt of the water so that your tent does not have to.  By doing so it greatly reduces the chances of water getting inside of your tent.

You also want to make sure your tent is going to be comfortable and one way to do so is to make sure it is big enough.  Get a tent that is a little bigger than the amount of campers that will be sleeping in it so you know you will all fit comfortably.  Tents also are now being made to be a lot more like home.  Many tents are now being made so that they can be power sources for lights and fans.  One example is the Coleman Vacationer Tent, it has a hinged door and a light that is turned on with a light switch!

Camping is just one way to be able to enjoy a family vacation despite an increase in prices at the gas pump.  Just choose a campground close to home, find a reliable tent and one that you can feel at home in.

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