Can Separation Save A Marriage?

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

marriage seperationMarriages are often under a lot of stress and this stress leads to many of the woes that married couples have to deal with on a daily basis. Fighting and arguing are one of the woes that create the most amount of stress and this fighting and arguing and disagreeing about certain things often leads to one or both partners spending more time away from the home. They spend more time away from the home simply because they do not want to be at each others throats day in and day out, but this time spent away from the home often leads to a bigger and more serious problem. That problem being infidelity.

Therefore, it is often necessary to stay at home and put up with all of the discomfort cause by the consistent bickering and complaining and disagreeing….. or is it?

The answer is no it is not necessary to put up with such discomfort. It is probably a better option for you both to consider a brief separation from each other, so ‘Can Separation Save A Marriage?’

The answer is a big definite YES! But their must be rules that must be adhered to during the separation. One of those rules is that neither spouse is allowed to be with another during your time away from each other. Understand that the reason you are separating temporarily is because you need to cool down and think about the things that brought you both together in the first place. A brief separation makes it possible for each spouse to start missing the other, and the absence of your other will start you thinking about how you can improve your relationship.

It is not a good idea to continue fighting all the time, it just creates too much stress for everyone that is involved, even your kids. Couples that fight all the time have a broken marriage, but the good news is that broken marriages can and are fixed all the time. So, why not learn how to fix a broken marriage before it is too late?

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