Cellulite And The Ways To Fight It

Do You Have Cellulite?

celluliteIf your mother has cellulite, chances are you’ll be more liable to get them too. And roughly eighty-five percent of women have cellulite, so the risks are quite big. Cellulite is not a skin condition or medical disorder, it doesn’t hurt at all; it just looks rather unattractive and can discourage women from wearing swimsuits and short dresses. Dimples, ripples, cottage cheese, and orange peel are some creative ways to describe how cellulite looks like, and it can affect any woman and even some men, be they skinny or rotund. The fight against cellulite has led to easy techniques like dry brushing cellulite away and medical breakthroughs like cellulite creams and even anti-cellulite sneakers.

What causes cellulite? Some doctors believe cellulite forms when fat starts depositing on our skin’s connective tissues. The weaker your connective tissue gets, the more likely fat will settle in there and start to bulge up, causing that dimply effect. The most common spots for cellulite are the butt and thighs, but some people can get them on their waists and upper arms.

Removing cellulite may not be a huge medical issue, mainly because it does no real harm to the body. In fact, some scientists believe that it’s a natural occurrence among women. Still, the battle against the bulge is still going on, and there are several medical treatments such as Tri-Active LaserDermology and mesotherapy you can try. However, it’s better if you use simpler methods first, such as dry skin brushing and deep tissue massage. Even if these two approaches don’t work on you, you will still benefit from the help they give you in increasing blood circulation and removing dead skin cells. Weight loss helps if you’re heavy since shedding pounds will smooth your skin, and strength training moves like squats and lunges tone your legs up and makes you sweat, therefore burning off fat from your skin.

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