Change Your Life One Step at a Time

Are You Ready to Change?

change your lifeChanging your life is easier then you think.  It starts with baby steps and builds momentum from there.  For many of us the cycle of work and money keep us out of life in general, so I’m going to address a couple ways to stay out of the rat race and in your life.  If you can build your life the way you want it, it is far more powerful then using relaxation techniques for anxiety to manage the continuous and ongoing stress that arises trough an unsustainable life.

To change your life first requires a commitment.  Commitment comes from within from a deep desire for something more.  Without this in place little else will follow suit and you may just be spinnig your wheels looking for one quick fix after another to solve your problems.  So if you have not yet made a commitment yet look for the reasons why you are interested in a change.

Now it is simply about shifting one part of your life at a time until everything lines up.  The first is the body.  It is hard to have the strength and energy to make changes in your life if you don’t have the nourishment you need to keep going.  Otherwise you will find that the little energy you do have must get poured into survival for you to get by.

So with that said eat right.  Right means whole real foods.  Fruits, veggies, whole unprocessed grains without added sugars, good quality meats for some as well.  The simpler the better.  Exercise, even if it is just a long walk three times a week it still needs to get done so do it.  Lastly get fresh air (hopefully when you are exercising but maybe not) and enough sleep.

Then start to take good care of your mind.  Notice your thoughts, watch yourself and observe.  You want to focus on the positive and cultivate healthy habits that match your healthy living.  Surrond yourself with people who are positive and enforce the behaviors that you would like to have.  Work on your relationships and commit to the people around you.  Good relationships mean a good life.

Lastly commit to your spirit.  Do the things you love and let the things that you love drive you forward.  Review what you want out of life regularly and then break down baby steps to achieve those goals.  Relaxation techniques for anxiety can be used anytime there is anxiousness or discomfort that arises.  These emotions are normal when you are making changes in your life.  Just like when you were in kindergarten, I’m here to tell you that you can have, be and do anything that you want in life.

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