Cheap 4×4 Trucks For Sale

Beating the Dealer at His Own Game

4x4 Trucks for saleIf you are in the market for a used vehicle there are some things you should know about before you begin shopping. Whether you are looking for motorcycles, cars, and cheap 4×4 trucks for sale or even lifted 4×4 trucks for sale the rules of the game will be the same.

Used vehicle salesmen work strictly off of commission so they are desperate to make a sale and they use various tricks to do so:

  • Their first goal is to make vehicle shopping an emotional experience rather than a rational decision. They will tempt just as many of your senses as they possibly can before you ever hear a price quote. They want you to want that vehicle so badly that you will accept the very first price that you hear.
  • To avoid this trap you need to do your homework before you ever walk onto the car lot. In fact, try to call ahead to get a quote on a vehicle. That way they cannot use the emotional experience against you. A quote over the phone will almost always be considerably lower than the first price they quote when you are there in person, looking at the car. But beware, before they tell you anything over the phone they will try to snag an appointment with you at the dealership without giving you a price.
  • Don’t tell them if you have a trade in. They will automatically use their profit margin on the new car price to make it seem like they are paying thousands of dollars more for your trade-in. When you handle the new car and the trade-in separately you can get good deals on both.
  • Be careful about the vocabulary used when talking about the payments. Dealers like to use the word “payment” instead of the actual price. They will quote cars in terms of monthly payments and leaving the purchase price out of the equation until the papers are signed.
  • Remember to be patient. Negotiations are tests of will power. You can use time in your favor to get dealers to provide you with more price concessions as they get nervous that you are about to take your business elsewhere. They know that there is a lot of competition out there and that someone else might make you a better offer. Use this to your advantage and don’t let them smooth talk you into a hasty decision.

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