Cheap Copy Paper Is Not Poor Quality

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Ugly

Copy PaperFirst you should know how paper is usually get graded and sold. Many years ago it became accepted that a Ream of Paper would be 500 sheets. This came in and continues to be sold in weight. Most secretaries had to know these amounts back in the 40’s through the 70’s. They were:

65 lb bond was the lightest of cardstocks with a quick drying surface for postcards.

28 lb and 32 lb were great for putting recipe booklets, information brochures and printing on both sides.

20 lb and 24 lb appeared as a good grade multipurpose paper usually found in the everyday copy machines. These were in business offices as well as taking tests in higher grades of school.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you remember the cheap copy paper. It was in the Mimeograph machines. A secretary prepared the block print, loaded it onto a drum, mixed the blue ink with alcohol, shoved a ream of cheap copy paper in the end and started cranking. Many still have fond memories of the smells. If you tried to erase it you quickly wore a hole through it.


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