Cheap Ideas for Wonderful Wedding Centerpieces

Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

wedding centerpiece ideasTropical wedding centerpieces made of flowers are totally expensive decorations. However, they are all worth the expense in the end. After all, the beauty and elegance of flower decorations can really make any reception a total success. However, do you know that you can come up with wonderful wedding centerpieces without spending too much on them? Here are some inexpensive yet magical centerpiece ideas that you can consider for your own wedding reception.

One very cheap yet elegant wedding centerpiece idea is a candy bowl decoration. Find attractive glass containers in craft stores or dollar stores near you. You can use clear glass pitchers, oversize goblets, fluted glass bowls, and the like. Fill these containers with candies such as jelly beans, M&Ms, and other colorful candies of your choice. Finish this centerpiece by sticking a Carnation or daisy right in the middle of the bowls.

Potted blooms are also cheaper and more practical alternatives than flower arrangements. You can buy inexpensive pots to bring an added appeal to your wedding reception and still use them when the occasion is over. A lot of greenhouses and home improvement stores offer potted plants that will be great for the tables. Fruits can also serve you as great cheap wedding centerpieces. Find a shallow wooden bowl and fill it with different kinds of fruits. You can also consider using walnuts and grapes on tall glass bowls.

Your wedding centerpieces do not need to be expensive to look elegant and beautiful. Even the inexpensive ones can look as great as them granted that you have used your imagination and creativity well enough.  In the end, you will realize that you have made a very practical and brilliant decision choosing cheap centerpieces rather than picking expensive flower arrangements that will go to waste a day or two after the wedding date.

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