The Best Shower Enclosures

How to Choose The Best Shower Enclosure

the best shower enclosuresThe home improvement market contains a broad selection of shower enclosures from which to choose. This means that homeowners now have more control over the manner in which they complete bathroom remodeling projects, no longer limited by a minimal selection of enclosures for redesigning the shower unit found in the bathroom’s original design plan.

Enclosures are available in standard and custom sizes and designs. Among the most popular of standard models are those that fit within the space of a standard home bathtub area. These kinds of models are an especially good choice for those homeowners with no plans to expand their bathroom floor plan and who very seldom use their bathtub.

Smaller bathrooms, like second or guest baths and those in small apartment homes, truly benefit from some of the standard shower stall enclosures and angled enclosure models available on the market. The shower stall is great for tiny spaces and angled units can easily fit into a small room in a corner, making it possible to conserve floor space and still get the shower facilities you need.

If you’re planning a remodel of a larger bathroom then you may want to consider installing a more prestigious or luxurious enclosure. For example, a steam shower is a very popular choice for master bathrooms these days, and a glass unit with secure shower doors works especially well under such circumstances.

The best shower enclosures are created from a range of top quality materials, of which the most popular choices are glass and fiberglass. Fiberglass units are popular due to their durable construction and their affordable price tag. They are also relatively easy to work with for those who plan to do their own home remodeling work.

Glass enclosures are a great choice when planning to remove an existing tub in order to install a shower unit. Glass can also work quite well for those who wish to keep their bathtub but install doors, effectively creating a low cost shower enclosure.

best shower headA full shower enclosure usually costs between $500.00 and $1,500.00, though more expensive custom models are available. The size, shape and design features of the model you purchase will all impact the final price. The durability of the materials that unit is created from also contribute to the cost of the enclosure.

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