Choosing the Right Colors for Bridesmaid Dresses?

What Color Bridesmaid Dress Should You Wear?

bridesmaid dressesWhat colors should you pick for your bridesmaid dresses? Or even a more general question – what style should you pick for your bridesmaid dresses? Do you even know the general guidelines one should follow in order to pick the right bridesmaid dresses? Hopefully, this article will guide you in the right direction.

There is a very contradicting desire of hosts of the wedding parties to want bridesmaid dresses that cost little and at the same time look very cute. It doesn’t matter if you are the bridesmaid yourself, or you are the bride who supervises the whole process, we all want the best quality for the least amount of money. It is a known fact, though, that bridesmaid dresses should all be in matching styles and colors.

Here are some suggestions for the colors to pick – depending on the season of your wedding theme you want to pick the following color schemes – for fall go for deep rose dresses; for winter champagne and emerald colors are always a good choice; summer weddings are perfect for orange and yellow colors; and spring weddings suit very well with periwinkle bridesmaid dresses. If you are very unsure, then pick the white/black wedding theme and they go well with almost any kind of bridesmaid dresses.

You also want to look good on photos. If you pick cheaper wedding photography prices then cheap bridesmaid dresses risk looking not very good on pictures, but of course you can edit the pictures whenever you want to, as the modern technologies allow this. Consider the intricacies of every individual bridesmaids, since the same color will look better on darker skins, and another color will look better with lighter skin. You can always just divide your bridesmaids into several groups each dressed in a particular style – that way you can solve that problem, while still somewhat preserving the tradition of matching bridesmaids dresses.

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