Choosing the Right Toy Box for the Playroom

Toy Box Tips

Toy BoxPractically all kids should have a toy box.  Almost every house with kids will need one for a good reason.  Toy chests are simple for kids to use!  But choosing the right toy box for your family is more difficult than it might appear. Here are a couple of considerations to make it easier.


By restricting yourself to a certain budget, you also may limit your selection.  There are plenty of inexpensive boxes out there, but be ready for them not to survive as long.  Less expensive boxes are usually crafted from shoddier materials.  Purchasing used is one option you may choose to save you cash.  Check a second hand toy box thoroughly to verify it is secure, and install safety features if required.


This isn’t the first thing most people consider, but it is central.   The largest risk with some chests is a top that is too heavy.  This may cause a concussion or even a broken neck if it falls unexpectedly on a child.  If this is possible, be sure to put in hinges that fasten into place or that close slowly.  It also could be risky for the child if they climb in.  Air holes may help decrease that risk.


No one needs a toy box that clashes with the home.  Selecting on a toy box is considerably easier once you know which room it is going to be in.  With hundreds of designs in existence, choosing where the toy box will go will really narrow down your options.  For instance, a kid’s room may use a cartoon character themed toy box or one that matches the rest of the nursery decor.  A pirate toy chest or a Thomas toy box are both popular examples.  If you happen to be really ambitious, you can get an unfinished toy chest and paint the toy chest to match.

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