Colored Contact Lenses

Which Ones Are For You?

Colored Contact LensesThere are a variety of reasons why people use colored contact lenses nowadays, some prefer it  over spectacles for the convenience and style if offers while others enjoy glamming their looks a   bit and just have fun while doing it.

Choosing what color to use isn’t rocket science. All you need are a few pointers to guide you to    ease you along the way.

  1. For persons with hair, skin, and eyes that have blue- red undertones then choosing warm colored contact lenses are advised.
  2. For persons who prefer wearing make- up, contact lenses that stand out when you wear mascara or shadow colors are more appropriate.
  3. For persons with brown as their original eye color, choosing colored contact lenses that have shades of blue, violet or green is suited for you.
  4. For persons who want to change their look but in a subtle way, surveys show that brown contact lenses are subtle enough to make you look natural and yet captivating at the same time.

Due to the popularity that colored contact lenses have acquired through the years, a survey was made to show which color was the most popular and what each of them portrays to other people. For example, people who have brown colored contacts are said to convey an aura of intelligence, kindness, and trust from others; blue contacts seem to say that the person’s personality is sweet, sexy, and kind; whereas those wearing green contact lenses have traits such as being creative, sexy, and devious associated to their personality.

It just doesn’t seem that colored contacts are used for fashion, but also to convey a specific type of personality to other people. Majority of us would like to change our eye color and green contact lenses are said to have gained the most numerous votes. Green is followed by amethyst, honey, blue, grey and brown.

One other thing that specialists recommend before wearing colored contact lenses is that before anything else, you need to have an eye exam with your doctor. Whilst these contacts are non- prescription, it is still advised that for you to avoid any eye problems, first have your eyes checked.

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