Common Laxative Side Effects and Their Remedies

laxativeFrequent use of laxative is a common problem among those who suffer from chronic constipation.  Since laxatives are the easiest way to get rid of constipation, those who once get the benefit tend to take it more and more whenever they have any problems of bowel movements.  However this habit should be avoided for variety of reasons.

Some Common Side Effects of Frequent Laxative Use

Although laxatives are great way to get rid of constipation, they can also induce some problems if taken without discretion.  Here are some issues you  may face.

1. Interference with Medication – One of the common problems of laxatives is sometimes they may be interfering with the medication you are under.  Since some of the laxatives change the way water absorption takes place in the intestines  it may neutralize the effect of medications.  Therefore if you are under medication you should always ask you doctor about the laxative you should take.

2. Developing Dependency – Many people who take laxatives frequently also end up developing dependency due to which are unable to have regular bowel movements whenever they do not take the laxative.

3. Laxative Insensitivity – This is opposite of above problem.  You may end up developing insensitivity to the laxative.  You body would not respond to the laxative and it may become ineffective.

4. Diarrhea – In case you take extra dosage, there is a possibility that you may suffer from diarrhea and lose motions which can cause lose of body fluid and make you weak.

Few Good Alternatives for Laxatives

Here are certain alternatives to laxatives which you can try safely and easily.

1. Amla Juice – Amla is a herb which is good for many problems including constipation, skin diseases and eye problems also.  This is full of vitamin C and can be taken regularly.  Take on tea spoon of Amla juice with a glass of water every morning.  Amla juice is a good home remedy for constipation in kids.

2. Drink More Water – Start drinking around a liter of warm water every morning and see the difference it makes.  Water will push out the stool very easily from the colon and intestine and relieves constipation.  If taken regularly it would not allow constipation to develop.

3. Take More Fiber – Fibers intake is very important and should always be part of foods we take.  Take fiber in form of fruits and vegetable and also nuts.  Fiber absorb water and produce the bulk in the intestines.  Bulks are easier to eliminate instead of sticky food like flour which causes constipation.  Taking more fibers is one of the good natural remedies for constipation because of our body can naturally clean the bowels without needing laxatives.

Although sometimes it is definitely required to take laxatives because of the complications, but consult you doctor if it can be safely taken in any other condition you are suffering from.

The above tips are alternatives to laxatives and these can be tried safely and are also beneficial in other physical problems.  Although some of these are more of a long term solution, but if you are looking for long lasting solution then these tips are the way to go.

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