Complications to Have in Mind with New Body Piercings

Are You Thinking of Getting a New Body Piercing?

body piercingSerious problems rarely arise if you have your piercing done by a professional, but the risk is always there. Infections, scarring and other accidents are always a possible outcome, so it’s important for you to be aware of these risks. If you have recently gotten new tongue rings, earrings or belly button rings, here are some signs of complications you need to be aware of.

The biggest concern with new piercings is the immediate risk of infection. The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure the needle your piercer uses is sterilized. Some piercings are harder to keep clean than others – tongue rings are among the hardest. This comes about because the mouth cavity is a breeding ground for bacteria. You can avoid complications by cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide, for example, or using a mild mouth rinse, one with no alcohol in it, after every meal.

The second biggest concern would be scarring. This can become a problem if your body rejects the material the ring is made of and tries to push it out and replace it with scar tissue. This, however, can be easily prevented by wearing non-allergenic rings made of stainless steel for the first few weeks.

If you wear earrings or belly button rings that are too large, you can end up stretching or tearing the hole to the point that it becomes unusable. This is preventable, though, if can get a piercing protectors, which you can fit into your piercing to help spread out the weight of the jewelry, and prevent it from stretching.

Generally speaking, you are not supposed to feel discomfort with your piercing for longer than a few days, or maximum a week and a half. If you do, then there’s probably something wrong, so make sure you call your doctor or piercer for further advice.

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