Compost Natural Recycling

A Vital Part of Gardening

Compost Natural RecyclingWhen you first start to get the bug for gardening right at the top of your to do list should be deciding on how you are going to compost all your waste. Ok, you may not think that this is that important right at the beginning of your adventure into gardening but it certainly is. When you first start to garden unless you are given a plot that has been worked and nurtured for many years there are two possibilities.

First the soil you have on your plot may be no good for anything in which case you will need to feed it up with goodness in the form of manure and compost to get some life in there to grow all your vegetables. The point is that plants won’t grow in infertile soil, ironically weeds will. Secondly your soil may be full of goodness and nutrients and as soon as you start to plant everything will take off and grow fantastically, In this case you may regard yourself as really lucky. How ever after a year or two if you don’t replenish that goodness those initial results won’t last and eventually your crops will dwindle.

And this is why I say you should consider composting right from the start, when you have a decent compost bin you can start  to recycle any organic waste from your garden as well as your kitchen so as you take all the goodness out of your soil you will have something to put back. Composting is so easy once you get started things to compost are vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags and old newspapers and that is just the stuff from the kitchen. In the garden you have the remains of old flower pots, any dead headed flowers and grass clippings all these things can be mixed together in your compost bin to make new soil for your garden.

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