Construction Material For A Chicken Coop

Building Your Own Chicken Coop

chicken coopThe material with which the chicken coop is constructed is directly proportional to the life and health of the coop.  The most preferred construction material is wood. Apart from wood, we can use processed wood materials like plywood, Teflon sheet, etc. Plastic and iron mold are not recommended.

The next thing is the mesh that is used to cover the framework of the chicken coop. The mesh is usually made of steel, which will give a good life. Sometimes mesh is made of nylon, which is relatively cheaper and has high flexibility. The holes of the mesh can be chosen based on the amount of ventilation that is required.

To construct the framework and to join the wood pieces nail hammering can be done. Adhesives are a good substitute for the nail hammering. Nails will guarantee that the framework is intact all the time but adhesives might wear out in time.

If you’re an experienced carpenter or a woodworking specialist, then all this may sound like every day work for you. However, if you’re new to this kind of work, then it might be a bit overwhelming.

However, it’s definitely not a reason to give up and purchase a pre-made chicken house. You can pretty easily build your own with the right instructions. I’m talking about step-by-step chicken coop building plans, which are available all over the Internet.

Since there’s a massive demand for these guides, the experts in the industry decided to provide DIY manuals for enthusiasts, who are willing to save cash over buying the kits from pet shops. Therefore, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research and find a suitable ebook online, which you could use to build your own chicken coop.

Amazingly, the total cost is usually around $200, while pre-built kits are sold for A LOT more than $500 in the shops.

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