Contract For Wedding Photographers

Know The MUST For The Contract of Wedding Photographers

weddingphotographercontractAs you get ready for all the fun and frolicking that will go on at your wedding there are so many details to nail down.  Don’t take the choice of photographer lightly.  Most especially you need to pay attention to the contract you sign with the person who is going to commemorate your most precious memories.

Keep in mind that any contract in the world must have these three elements in order to be enforceable, those three things are offer, acceptance and consideration.

Be sure that the contract contains everyone’s contact information.  The contract for wedding photography the best place to make sure that unforeseen things don’t happen.  If schedules conflict or last minute complications happen this will be the first place anyone looks to find you or your wedding planner’s contact information.  You must state the time he or she will spend at the wedding and the date it will happen that constitues the offer.

Additionally your contract with the photographer must state how much they will charge for their time and how proofs will be handled how many photographs will be included in any package and prices must be clarified.  That is consideration.  Consideration does not necessarily need to be cash but if you are trading for services it must be spelled out in the contract.

Your signature counts as your acceptance.  So if there is anything in the contract you don’t agree with or are unclear about be sure to not sign it until you are happy with all the details.  It is important to line up your contractors well before the I do day because sometimes little details need worked out and you don’t want to be under the gun when you are making important decisions.

Just make sure your wedding planner contract has adequate has these three important element and you are sure to have a great wedding day.

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