Control and Stop Panic Attacks

How to Stop Panic Attacks

panic attackThe feeling of worry is normal to everyone. It is very common and normal that we worry over the little things, like the way we worry over an exam result, a job interview, a medical exam result, or our weight. Most of the times, our worries lead to other emotions, and heighten towards anxiety, fear, and panic, which in turn, result to an onset of the attack of these heightened feelings of worry. These panic attack episodes become troublesome and threatening when they occur at an indefinite time and especially, when they become uncontrollable.

Dealing with anxiety is not impossible. Contrary to the top option, which is to immediately seek medical help, the treatment for anxiety attacks can actually start with you. When in a state of panic, you would normally think that it is unstoppable and uncontrollable. You forget that although it may seem that the trigger of this state is purely emotional, it also deals more with your psychological well-being. The best way to deal with anxiety attacks is to confront the situation and, well, deal with it.

The question is not really how to stop panic attacks but how to control it. There are tips that tell you to stop thinking of the current situation or to not think of the panic attack, but really, the more that you try to stop yourself from thinking about something, the more that your mind thinks of that particular something. If I tell you now to stop thinking about cockroaches, you probably would be envisioning cockroaches now.

An effective way to deal with anxiety is to relax yourself. Knowing that you have the tendency to get panic attacks, you need to be able to control yourself and ingest the idea that when you do not learn to relax and control yourself, you are actually doing yourself the harm. By being out of your normal state of mind, you are worsening the situation. Take long, deep breaths. If you can, close your eyes and just let yourself at ease. Feel the air and be prepared to take it in. Inhale the air through your nose. Feel your chest or your stomach elevate and rise up. Fill your lungs with air. Hold it in for about three seconds, and exhale, not slowly this time, but exhale it like you’re driving and pushing it away, quickly and madly, if I may say. Soon, you will be able to control your panic episodes.

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